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General english and grammar

Our General English course was specially developed in conjunction with the specialists of Oxford University (UK) and the University of Waikato (New Zealand). This course is ideal for both beginners to learn English, and for those with a pre-intermediate language level. The goal of this course is to train the listeners in the initial grammar, increase the vocabulary, and communicate at the elementary and everyday levels. We use not only handouts, but also video, audio elements. We use only educational materials and manuals, approved by the leading language centers and universities of the English-speaking world.

Many believe that you can learn English without grammar, as the most important thing is to take oral speech, as well as know the meanings of words. We do not argue, and we are not trying, in any case, to prove that this judgment is wrong, we just know that there is a big difference between just talking and talking SPELLISH and BEAUTIFULLY. In our international experience, we know that grammar (as boring as it was not), plays a huge role both in writing assignments and in conversational life. We know that many of our students, when they come to us, do not like to pass the grammar; they believe that these lessons are very boring and routine. In this regard, we decided that our lessons and activities will be different, and we have achieved this, now our grammar lessons are fun and our professional teachers achieve very high results. It's true, we care for the result, we see our happy listeners, whether they are young students or adult listeners, the most remarkable thing in our work is that we give a powerful impetus to the development and learning of the language from the very beginning.

The course of the initial English grammar and vocabulary enrichment was specially designed that would beginners to learn the language would like to continue to study it, rather than throw everything in a month or two. It is very important for us that our listeners receive knowledge in the easiest form, and that this knowledge will remain forever together with our listeners.

For lessons in teaching English, we specifically attracted wonderful, active and talented teachers from Tashkent. Their enthusiasm positively affects the intensive and effective learning of English.

We offer our potential listeners to attend the first lesson for free. No, it's not PR or advertising, it's a very logical proposal; before agreeing, you need to decide how qualified the teacher is for you, how you work in the group, and we, in turn, will be able to fully determine your level, in order to recommend a certain group with which you can make the most progress in our study (it is ours, because our teachers are also actively involved in your studies).

At the end of this course, our teachers always focus on pronunciation, accurate and focused use of the passed grammar, so that students can confidently use all the learned aspects of grammar in colloquial usage.