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At STUDYCENTER we specially converted some of our classrooms for children's classes and decided to open their doors to the youngest students. We invited specialists who will deal exclusively with children of preschool age and primary school. Why do we pay attention to children's groups? Unfortunately, in most cases, because of incorrect teaching of English, children already from the early age pronounce words incorrectly. Subsequently, it is almost impossible to correct such a problem of an incorrectly posed phonetics. It is very important to understand that the correct pronunciation is formed precisely from an early age, which we decided to pay close attention to.

The thing is that the perception of information in children takes place in a game form. In this regard, we have prepared a specially equipped audience for our youngest listeners.

 We take into account all the nuances that can arise during classes. Proceeding from this, we picked up just such a teacher who is familiar with child psychology. There are no identical children, and, consequently, there is no single - universal approach to any child. Every child is an individual who requires special care.

How do we teach children? We use games, songs, poems, short educational cartoons and fairy tales. Children perceive all the information clearly, that's why, we present them with new words - not abstractly, but visually. We create a solid base of vocabulary and expressions in children in a way that does not overload their memory and make the classes pleasant and fun.

We use several methods in teaching English to children: 1. Oxford English For Kids - Oxford English for Children; 2. Teaching aids for children before school age, as well as children of primary classes released and recommended by the British Council; 3. English First Longmans Library is a program recommended and developed by the American Council of English Language Teachers (ACELT).

Young listeners who have reached the average level of grammar and vocabulary are psychologically ready to study with foreign teachers from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Therefore, we constantly monitor the progress of children and, as a result of their success, we translate into groups for foreign specialists.

It is worth noting that we perfectly understand the responsibility in teaching children.

We will happily wait for you and your children in the STUDYCENTER English Training Center.