Summer school course 3

In order to learn to think in English, you need to be in the English-speaking environment. But, as far as possible to be in the English-speaking environment, because the flight, accommodation, training, food and transportation costs in the English-speaking country are very expensive! Teaching programs for Skype do not always allow a foreign teacher to communicate due to temporary differences, as well as because of the working schedule, both the student and the teacher himself. We have a solution - our foreign teachers from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are ready to help you, as they are, just like you are in Tashkent, and the schedule of their work is created specifically for the needs of our listeners. Lessons in conversational practice are held in a relaxed atmosphere, but, at the same time, our specialists accurately and accurately help listeners to overcome the so-called "colloquial barrier". We often face the problems of our students and perceive them as our own, so we created a program of spoken English. This program is simple, but at the same time very effective, for 6 years it has shown its effectiveness, as well as effectiveness. We help our students not only to enter the English-speaking environment, but also to begin to freely express themselves and understand the subject of the discussions. We selected the most common topics and situations together with the necessary vocabulary and work successfully, combining classes with games and debates that further develop the conversational skills of our listeners.

It may seem that there is nothing complicated in colloquial practice, but in fact this communication tool needs to be competently developed. This is a very delicate work and without the help of professionals it is sometimes difficult to conduct this training properly and without errors. Of course, you can do all the work yourself, but how to determine the correct pronunciation of words, the use of idioms (the speech of Britons, Americans or Australians for 60% of communication consists of idioms), various aphorisms and much more. Moreover, it is necessary to allocate time for independent work, because studying a language is a system. With the help of an English-speaking teacher, work is faster, there is an opportunity to ask a question and immediately get an answer to it, you do not need to spend hours trying to find on the Internet various variations or differences in the same idioms. We will be happy to help you in improving the conversational practice, removing barriers, improving the existing vocabulary, as well as replenishing it with new expressions, and, most importantly - feeling confident in dealing with foreigners, whether we are talking about business, travel, study, work or everyday life.

We offer our potential listeners to attend the first lesson for free. No, it's not PR or advertising, it's a very logical proposal; before agreeing, you need to decide how qualified the teacher is for you, how you work in the group, and we, in turn, will be able to fully determine your level, in order to recommend a certain group with which you can make the most progress in our study (it is ours, because our teachers are also actively involved in your studies).

Taking this opportunity, our team thanks you for your time in reading this information, we will be happy to wait for you.


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